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Premiere: Shy One - Bedknobs and Boomkicks [LP stream]

21-year-old London-based producer Shy One is set to release her debut LP ‘Bedknobs and Boomkicks’ on Scratcha DVA’s brand new label DVA Music this week, and we here at Dummy are pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of the LP ahead of release. Inflected with the sounds of two-step garage, UK funky and house and featuring guest vocalist Ruby Lee Ryder, ‘Bedknobs and Boomkicks’ is a strong introductory debut for Shy One that also potentially sets the tone for DVA Music and its future releases. Stream the LP in its entirety below, and then scroll down to read our chat with Shy One on what her creative journey has been so far.

Shy One – Bedknobs and Boomkicks by DummyMag

Hello Shy One, please tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.

I’m a DJ and beatmaker from London. I graduate this week so I’m not doing much at the moment, I’m in a bit of a limbo period. 

How would you describe your creative journey so far?

I’ve been making beats for some time now and I feel like my music has matured with me over the years. It’s just been a part of my life’s journey – growing up and going through different phases of music.

What attracted you to the funky house and two-step sound as a producer?

The tempo is just a bit slower than grime and the drums – I love being able to wile out a bit and make skatty drum patterns. It’s more accepted.

How do you feel the album works as an introduction to your style, and for DVA Music as a label?

With ten tracks you get a nice assortment and in about thirty minutes, it’s a brief introduction to this style. As for the label, I’m not sure if it should be taken as an introduction to DVA Music because I don’t know what’s next to come out and how it sounds – it could be completely different! We’ll soon see though.

You have already released an EP entitled Decaffeinated Love – how do you feel the LP is a continuation of that previous release, if at all?

Besides being the following release I don’t think it is a continuation. It’s a totally different vibe, different times and a different style.

2008 was the big year for the UK funky sound; when it really took off on the radio and in the clubs that summer. How do you feel your album carries on from that first big wave of popularity?

To be honest, I try not to consciously think of my music as UK funky. I know it’s made in the UK and some of it’s got the funky sound, but I’d hope it will go further than the constraints of that genre and popularity. I hope that my music can be listened to by people who weren’t down with that ’08 Funky, going to Napa and doing the ‘one finger dance’ scene.

DVA Music will release ‘Bedknobs and Boomkicks’ on the 26th November 2012.

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