19.10.2012, Words by Aimee Cliff

Unicorn Kid stepping out of the shadows

Photographer Laura Coulson met with Unicorn Kid recently to capture his image for Dummy’s interview with him, and the results were so starkly and simply charming that they’re worth sharing in full.

In his chat with Steph Kretowicz, the chiptune sensation revealed, sadly unsurprisingly but still very shockingly, that he came up against homophobia in his induction into the pop music business. Sabin explained “I had this agent who said, ‘yeah, you need to stay in the closet. In electronic music you cannot be gay. Because women don’t like it and men don’t like it.’ I was like, ‘fuck that’.”

To read the full interview, go here, and for a candid snapshot of the bright charm of this rising young star, see our gallery below.

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