17.01.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Various artists

What’s the story?

Planet Mu compile the best of footwork. The Chicago dance sound was a mostly localized phenomenon, evolving out of ghetto house. Over the past year, with the aid of labels like Planet Mu releasing the music of DJ Rashad, DJ Nate and DJ Roc to a wider audience, this off-the-wall strain of club music has spread its scattered 808s, fast moving, cut ‘n’ paste reach, far wider, with numerous tracks, most famously Addison Groove’s Footcrab, distinctly taking their lead from such an aesthetic. ‘Bangs & Works Vol.1’ is the perfect tool for navigating what has always been so mind-bending and thrilling about the sound.

What does it sound like?

Like nothing and everything. Skewed samples link up at odd angles, offbeat syncopated drum patterns, and general mind-through-mangle weirdness. ‘Bangs & Works Vol.1’ is an insistent reminder of how vital and genuinely off-the-wall this music is.


With music this strange and exciting, picking favourites is always going to be rather subjective. The two tracks Teknitian and Itz Not Rite from DJ Rashad are all elemental dance-floor thrill. DJ Elmoe’s Fuck Um Up Jus Basics provides a soulful, piano-based take on the aesthetic. DJ Nate’s Ima Dog and He Ain’t Bout It play games of musical twister. Contorted repetition, compelling because you know you’ll never quite get a grip on them.


Planet Mu have curated an impressively tight selection, and there’s no point where the quality really dips. As with the highlights, it comes down to personal preference. Also, as is always advisable with juke, don’t go near it unless you’re willing to feel like your mind is being re-wired.


Essential. The perfect ball of string to carry when entering the footwork labyrinth.

Planet Mu released ‘Bangs & Works Vol.1’ on December 6th


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