28.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

100% Silk mixtape

Not Not Fun is a label ran from LA that totally crystallises this vaguely remembered music of yesteryear from cold wave like Dylan Ettinger to the sunburnt psyche of Sun Araw to the europop of Maria Minerva, in a thrillingly dub-ious way. They’ve got a dance label that releases very conceptual works called 100% Silk that Dummy is predictably behind, and they’ve just made a mix for Wow Magazine in France that sums up what they’re about.

01. I Can Feel the Heat – MAGIC TOUCH
02. What?? – PHARAOHS
03. High Reflection – OCTO OCTA
04. Wet Devil – SFV ACID
05. Milk N Honey – SIR STEPHEN
06. Queens – ITAL
07. Shadow Disco – INNERGAZE
08. Kyrie Eleison – MARIA MINERVA
09. Trickle – CUTICLE

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