23.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Aaliyah tribute mix

Text: Lauren Martin

This Thursday marks the ten year anniversary of the death one of R&B’s greatest female vocalists, Aaliyah. As an artist, Aaliyah continues to leave her footsteps on the modern R&B sound, and her highly influential collaborative work with Timbaland still sounds as fresh and innovative today as it did over a decade ago. The untimely nature of her death in a plane crash on August 25th 2001 came on the cusp of her global stardom – having just released her third album and finished production on her cult musician-turned-actor role for ‘Queen of the Damned’. Whilst the American channel BET has recently announced that they will be dedicating programming to an official Aaliyah tribute on Thursday, the exact details of the scale of the programming has yet to be made official. So, in order to pay tribute to the true princess of R&B, we bring you this ‘Aaliyah (RIP) 10-Year Tribute Mix’ from DJ Rob Pursey of Southern Hospitality. Coming in at a little over an hour, this live mix pays a wonderful tribute to not just a respected vocalist, but a star that was tragically cut down in the prime of her musical career. RIP baby-girl, you are sorely missed.

_Dummy DJs will be playing tunes and feeling sentimental at the Alibi, east London, on Thursday for the Real Gold night Aaliyah: 10 years Gone

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