23.07.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Arca - &&&&& [mixtape]

Mutant hip hop producer Arca has had a busy year, from making furniture-shaking bass-drenched slow jams with London singer-songwriter Twigs to popping up on the credits for Kanye West's gigantic sixth album 'Yeezus' (which incidentally was one of our favourite albums of the first half of 2013). He's been quiet on the solo front, though, not having released anything new since his angular LP 'Stretch 2' in 2012. Now signed to Hippos In Tanks, the producer has just unveiled an eccentric half hour of new music, built around exhilirating, painstaking builds and precarious drops that are at once clean and sharp and completely chaotic. Straddling the line somewhere between hip hop, grime, beaten-up techno and a brand all of his own, and making use of heart-hurting bass and a plethora of warped vocal samples, &&&&& is an attention-deficit release that just goes to show to the depth and breadth of Arca's imagination. Stream it on the left, and download it for free here.


Arca – Knot
Arca – Harness
Arca – Fossil
Arca – Feminine
Arca – Anaesthetic
Arca – Coin
Arca – Century
Arca – Mother
Arca – Hallucinogen
Arca – Pinch
Arca – DM True
Arca – Waste
Arca – Pure Anna
Arca – Obelisk

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