13.01.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 105 // Trailer Trash Tracys

London four-piece Trailer Trash Tracys are a lovely bunch who make lovely music. I first saw then support The xx at Hoxton Hall what feels like eons ago (okay, 2009 but in internet years that’s a lifetime) and so it was a joy to finally hear their debut album ‘Ester’, which came out earlier this week. It’s an album to sink into on cold days: warm, enthralling and richly evocative (check out Strangling Good Guys). They very kindly made us a mix that speaks to their 20th-century-mining sensibilities, featuring Suede, Strawberry Switchblade, Nana Mouskouri and, yeah, Tom Cruise. Download it on the right or stream it below. We caught up over email earlier this week.

Hey Trailer Trash Tracys, how are you?

Confused, and slightly de-hydrated at this point in typing. In an internet cafe. (15.04 : 10.1.12) But thankful the album is out at last with some generally good reaction. Mentally preparing for our tour in the next weeks. Thanks for asking.

Please tell us a bit about the mix you’ve made?

Ah yes, the mix. I think its fairly representative of TTT’s tastes. Melodious, Noise and drum machines are the main theme. Some sound bytes for a radio feel.

Dummy Mix 105 // Trailer Trash Tracys by DummyMag

I really like ‘Ester’, it’s so lush. Could you tell me a bit about the making of it?

Thanks again. Its an album that has a platform of ideas. I hope it comes across that way. Not too tied up with genres, at least a kiss goodbye to indie cliches but still holding on to the past for the love of it, and looking on to the future (or at a snapshot vision) of what might be possible ….a miniscule signature on the universe.

It’s been a bit of a wait for the album – but worth it! – how come?

Unfortunately at the time we had full time jobs. Only some of us would claim income benefit. So we only had evenings. We did produce and mix it ourselves. So we had to learn a few tricks on the way. But you know, it was like a learning course too, so our new material will be just around the corner next time wise.

What’s your favourite track on ‘Ester’ and why?

Jimmy: Engelharts Arizona. Guitar ego a go-go. I think there’s nothing that sounds like it out there.
Susanne: I can’t say one sorry! I love them all in different ways but equally as much, like children.

What’s next for TTT?

Tour this album a little. Then if the world doesn’t end, prepare for the second album for end of the year, hopefully.

Who are you tipping music-wise this year?

Jimmy: Hmmm…on a ‘larger’ level The XX’s new album will be interesting. Echolake, Animal Collective will have something out this year too. But I like Peepholes on Upset The Rhythm, think there is potential for something great from them. Also 100% Beefcock and The Titbursters.

And finally, goals for 2012?

Keep writing music, keep playing shows, avoid the Olympics, dance with entities from other dimensions if they beam down at the end of the year.

Dummy Mix 105 // Trailer Trash Tracys tracklist

Moderne Vers l’Est
Strawberry Switchblade Since Yesterday
Daf Der Mussolini
The Motels Total Control
Moondog Down is Up
King Diamond Black Horsemen
Suede She’s not Dead
Goblin Witch
Dennis Parker Like an Eagle
Harry Belafonte y Nana Mouskouri Try to Remember
Les Rallizes Denudes Strong out Deeper than the Night

Double Six released Trailer Trash Tracys’ debut album ‘Ester’ on 9th January 2012. Trailer Trash Tracys play Brixton Academy on 26th January 2012

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