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03.04.2024, Words by DMY Staff

10 Best Tracks to Drift Away To according to Ghostly Kisses

Songs that explore escapism and self-reflection

Ethereal dream-pop group Ghostly Kisses are currently working up to the release of their upcoming album, 'Darkroom', follow up to their critically acclaimed debut, 'Heaven, Wait', from 2022. 

Before embarking on a mammoth Europe and North America tour next month, Ghostly Kisses have shared the stunning synth-infused single, 'Keep It Real'. Featuring a more dance-driven beat than usual, the track was created in collaboration with acclaimed producer Oli Bayston (Rachel Chinouriri, Olivia Dean, Barry Can't Swim, Yuné Pinku).

'Keep It Real' explores the intricacies of relationships, delving into themes of genuineness and emotional openness. With lead vocalist Margaux Sauvé's captivating voice leading the way, the song takes us on a sonic journey, as Ghostly Kisses encourage us to explore the depths of human connection.

Margaux Sauvé, explains: “This track stands out as one of the darkest and most impactful pieces on the album. It was inspired by the narratives shared in the Box of Secrets, where individuals wrestled with deciphering the thoughts of others and sought to shed light on complex situations. We wanted to create as many melodic hooks as possible, while keeping the harmonic direction voluntarily changing to put emphasis on the shifting story behind the song.”

To celebrate the release of 'Keep It Real', Ghostly Kisses have select 10 Best tracks to drift away to.

1. Casey MQ, Oklou – The Make Believe

"Casey MQ and Oklou are known for their introspective and experimental approach to music, often blending electronic elements with poignant lyrical content. 'The Make Believe' suggests a theme of imagination or fantasy and encompasses themes of escapism, where individuals seek refuge from the complexities and challenges of everyday life by immersing themselves in a fabricated reality."

2. Caroline Polachek – Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth

"'Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth' likely explores themes of renewal, sensory experience, and transformation, presented through poetic imagery and metaphorical language. The spring could represent a metaphorical or literal awakening, a transition from a dormant or bleak period to one of vitality and optimism. The strawberry might symbolize sweetness, sensuality, or the pleasures of life. It invites listeners to contemplate the beauty of nature, the passage of time, and the potential for growth and self-discovery."

3. Caroline Polachek, Weyes Blood – Butterfly Net

"This 'Butterfly Net' rework enhances the depth and emotional resonance of the lyrics and themes with the addition of Weyes Blood's voice."

4. Frou Frou – Must Be Dreaming

"'Must Be Dreaming' explores themes of escapism, yearning, and the transformative power of imagination. We can imagine her being swept off her feet by someone who completely defies all the standards she has set for herself, leaving her feeling as though the experience is dreamlike, as she had never ventured beyond her self-imposed boundaries and never experienced love without restraint."

5. Laufey – Goddess

"Laufey's 'Goddess' explores the contrast between the public image and private self, illuminating the inherent vulnerability hidden beneath the shine and spectacle of fame. Laufey's soulful vocals and interpretation add depth and emotion to the song, and the arrangements likely enhance the lyrical themes, creating a truly poignant and lasting experience."

6. The Marias – Run Your Mouth

"The Marias are known for their unique blend of dreamy and soulful music. They often incorporate elements of various genres such as indie pop, dream pop, and jazz, creating a distinctive and captivating sound. They are also recognized for their stunning art direction, which complement their aesthetic and enhance the overall experience for their audience. Their new single 'Run Your Mouth' is completely addictive."

7. Yune Pinku – Dreams (Rework)

"Yune Pinku's rework of The Cranberries' 'Dreams; infuses the track with elements of both techno and UK garage, transforming it into a completely new, dreamy, and atmospheric experience."

8. Romy – Loveher

"'LoveHer' could be described as an emotional music to dance to, bringing a message of self-love and acceptance and serving as a heartfelt exploration of love and its complexities."

9. MARO – just wanna forget you

"The song evokes a sense of yearning to move forward and its remarkable intimacy prompts immediate self-reflection and introspection"

10. PinkPantheress – Ophelia

"It likely explores themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery, drawing inspiration from Shakespeare's tragic character to evoke a sense of emotional depth and complexity."

'Keep It Real' is out now via Akira Records.

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