11.04.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Kat Duma Shares Cinematic Visuals for Album Track, 'So Long'

Haunting song receives new music video about a runaway bride

Toronto-based experimental pop artist Kat Duma is known for navigating the intricate dance between the tangible and the ethereal. From gritty, industrial-infused soundscapes to ethereal, dream-like compositions, her work defies categorisation. 

Now, Duma has released a brand new visual for her track 'So Long', taken from last year's debut album, 'Real Life'.

'So Long', a hypnotic offering, and a song which Duma always viewed as a "high point" on her album. Never released as a single, Duma says she is glad to be highlighting it now, on the anniversary of the album's release.

"I’m not used to making something so pared-down sonically, so recording it was an interesting experience," Duma says of the track. "The guitar was recorded in one take by Ben Stevenson, and the chorus part was improvised on the spot. The whistling in the intro was also improvised, baked into that same guitar track. He wanted me to re-record it but I didn’t want to touch it after that, I thought it was perfect.

Directed by Austin Hutchings with cinematography by Jon Glendon, the new visuals depict a runaway bride on a train. 

Emotionally expressive from start to finish, we open to a scenic train journey, pastoral lands slipping past, before Duma, draped in white lace garbs, comes into view, accompanied by a suited man. The serene scene inside the train is juxtaposed with the chaos outside, as a convertible full of men chase after her. Watch the video below to find out how the story ends.

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