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25.03.2024, Words by DMY Staff

The 10 Best Daydreaming Tracks according to junodream

"Songs that let your mind escape to a different world"

Music has the power to completely transport us, to let our minds wander into another time, a different dimension. 

'Space rock' band, Junodream, created a class example of this with their debut album, 'Pools of Colour'. A deeply immersive, atmospheric record, the project questions our disconnect from self, and the most insidious aspects of the modern world and human condition.

For fans of Radiohead and Slowdive, junodream mix elements of psychedelic, prog-rock and ambient to create the ultimate daydreaming record. At once it feels both deeply nostalgic and wholly modern. Self-produced by guitarists Tom Rea and Dougal Gray (who also conceptualised the cover art), 'Pools of Colour' was recorded between their home studio (affectionally known as Shabby Road) and the West London studio of co-producer Simon Byrt.

The four-piece have been best friends for ten years, forming six years ago. While 'Pools of Colour' is their first album, they have been releasing steadily since 2018, with a UK headline tour this February.

To celebrate 'Pools of Colour', junodream have chosen their 10 Best daydreaming tracks. Dive in...

1. Julianna Barwick - The Magic Place

“The worship-style reverb and human voice instrumentation in this song gives a sense of higher power and a reminder of how beautifully insignificant we are. It’s these shared innate emotions and concepts that really inspired our debut album. What appear as sad truths that are ultimately uplifting.”

2. Evensong - Robert Fripp, Brian Eno

“Brian Eno. The pioneer of ambient. This track, however, is taken from a more recent album of his, Evening Star (2019), written and produced with Robert Fripp. Combining Robert’s extended guitar knowledge with Brian’s ambient tendencies creates this hypnotic and mesmerising art piece focused on tape loops.”

3. Says - Nils Frahm

“The development and tension of this song is incredible. Holding off any chord change for so long. You know it’s coming. The anticipation is electrifying. It makes you feel alive.”

4. Timeless - Orchestrate the Universe

“This really does what the title says. You enter a timeless bliss when listening through this piece. Thought-provoking and ultimately calming.”

5. Cheap Spanish Wine - Richard Hawley

“At the end of the day, the sinking feeling of relaxation as the weight of the world lifts. It’s incredible to create such a strong sense of emotion without words. Talking without speaking. Richard Hawley is one of the great British songwriters and this track from his first solo album deserves a top spot.”

6. A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(less) Process - Stars Of The Lid

“A great long drone track in which your mind can wonder to another dimension.”

7. She Will Destroy You - Cocteau Twins, Harold Budd

“Combining shoegaze and ambient, ‘The Moon and the Melodies’ is an incredibly hazy and dreamy record with ambient legend Harold Budd at the helm.”

8. Crazy for You - Slowdive

“Psychedelic soundscapes and organised chaos. Creates this uneasy feeling that’s somehow enticing.”

9. Ekki Mukk - Sigur Ros

“Sigur Ros have reached such huge commercial success, even though their lyrics are spoken in Icelandic, a lesser known language. Their obscure, and innovative sound-bed of cinematic, ambient music is so creative and inspiring, and resonates deeply to that feeling of wonder.”

10. "Theme" from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” - Jon Brion

“I wanted to include this film soundtrack as the final piece as it’s concepts ring so true to this list. Memory, identity and our relationship with the world and the people we share it with. Happy daydreaming.”

'Pools of Colour' is out now via AWAL.

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