20.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 106 // Canyons

Australian producers Leo Thomson and Ryan Grieve, make music as Canyons. With a clutch of releases on DFA and Hole In The Sky, they crafted a sound that combined the sun-kissed psyche of Brazilian tropicalia with the snap of post-punk. Their ‘Keep Your Dreams’ album for Modular was one of the most interesting debuts of recent times and we’re very pleased to have them compose the third mix of this new year, a cinematic rush themed around parallel worlds. Download it on the right or have a listen via Soundcloud below.

Hey! How did you celebrate the dawning of 2012?

We were DJing in Dunsborough in Western Australia, which is a beach town a few hours south of our hometown, Perth.

Please tell us a bit about your mix.

The theme of the mix is Parallel Worlds, so we put together a collection of tracks that individually, for us, evoke a feeling of another place. Collectively, as a Canyons mix, we hope it takes the listener to another place as well.

Dummy Mix 106 // Canyons by DummyMag

What’s your dream parallel world?

I think this is a very tricky question to answer without sounding cliche. So I guess I’ll just dive right in: more love, less war, more trees, less cars. People would still pay for music. Or maybe we just wouldn’t need money. More Nicholas Cages and less Ashton Kutchers. It’d be good if we could all chose one animal that we could turn into. Less bibles and more Richard Dawkins books. We all want more or less the same things don’t we… Better music on the radio? No Serato?

How does it feel to have unleashed your debut album ‘Keep Your Dreams’ on the world?

Things feel really nice right now. Its great to have the album out and have people sitting with it. Its also nice to move on from songs and ideas you’ve been living with for a long period of time. We are playing the album with our band at the moment and its nice to hear it translate well in that world.

What was it like working Tame Impala and Nite Jewel?

Great and great. The Tame Impala guys are such talented musicians and great people so it can only really go one way (good). Ramona got the vibe of the song instantly and was really responsive to our feedback and has such a great voice (even pitched down) so it was awesome working with her.

Who are you tipping music-wise this year?

I’ve always liked Kindness, hopefully what he comes out with will be nice.

What does 2012 have in store for you?

Sharpening our live show, touring, working on more music, spending more time on our own label Hole in the Sky, enjoying life and relocating somewhere overseas at some point.

Modular released Canyons’ album ‘Keep Your Dreams’ on 16th January 2012

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