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Dummy Mix 134 // Visionist

London producer Visionist , aka Louis Carnell is one of the most promising producers around. He started his musical career in grime, MCing under the name KLP (aka King Louis Productions) before discovering a new world of funky house, techno and dubstep. Taking this on board Visionist was created. With previous releases including Rock the Flock on Disktopia and the _Mr 67 10” on 92 Points, here is a producer able to hold the tensions of London pirate music and emotional balance together is hard harmony. Visionist’s latest release was his track Come In, on ‘Keysound Allstars Vol 1’, here we have an exclusive mix from the innovative 22 year old._

Hello, Visionist! How’s tricks?

Good thanks.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix?

It’s a collection of past tunes and things I’ve been working on over the last few months.

You’re the only artist on the mix. What do these tunes say about you, your personality and your direction?

Yes. I’m quite happy to promote other artists, more so up-and-comers than those already there. That’s why I set up 92 Points and Lost Codes, so it’s not a self-indulgent thing.

My sets usually relate to this – so instead of dropping the tune you know everyone will go mad to I will hopefully create that new banger by dropping something that might not be heard as much. I get most excited hearing tunes I don’t know. At the same time I haven’t released much this year though that will change by the end, so thought show the people what I am up to until then. I think this mix shows I can blend different styles in production but still create a sound true to myself so that’s the direction. Whether it be future bass, garage, funky, I done it all; and my methods relate in all.

I love your drum patterns. How do you get them just so?

Well I use fruity loops and the great thing about this is when you load a sample it allows it to be pitched along the keyboard straight away, so this is something I play around with a lot. My rhythms need to have groove if I am not moving it’s not right.

There’s always this intense emotional darkness with your music. What do you put that down to?

I don’t feel comfortable talking about it… Not really I don’t know just an aesthetic I favour and comes naturally I’ve actually tried to make happy tunes and failed it feels wrong, again all my favourite artists have the same aesthetic.

Tell me about the Keysound release.

Well just had Come In out which really happy about. Martin has been supporting that from the start which was about year and half ago, just glad it lasted it’s time within a scene that is constantly changing. The follow up on that will be a 4 track E.P that I’m currently working on.

What’s your favourite thing in music at the moment?

Fusion. Producers who create there own sound rather than copy others. Prime example Sd Laika.

And what’s your favourite Carnival memory?
I don’t really have favourite moment but its good vibe.


1. Visionist – Insight
2. Visionist – Circles
3. Visionist – Try & Resist
4. Visionist – Pour Water On A Witch
5. Visionist – Cant Sleep
6. Visionist – Survive
7. Visionist – Dank
8. Visionist – Come In

+Visionist’s track Come In is the third cut on EP ‘Keystar Allstars vol 1’, which was released on the 6th August via Keysound+ Recordings.

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