06.02.2013, Words by Karen Chan

Dummy Mix 152 // Peaking Lights

Long before the release of their debut vinyl longplayer ‘936’ on Amanda Brown’s Not Not Fun Records that came out exactly two years ago, LA-based husband and wife duo Peaking Lights had been exploring the kaleidoscopic aspects of psychedelic music. It’s a sound they champion and continue to explore and develop, playing on its undeniably raw, warm quality and gritty, super lo-fi aesthetic.

In fact, Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis have been self-releasing a handful of cassettes and CD-R mixes since 2008. Later in 2009 and 2010, they released tape album ‘Imaginary Falcons’ and single ‘Space Primitive’ on Night People, a prolific Iowa-based cassette label, which is also home to artists like Rene Hell, Sleep ∞ Over, and Eternal Tapestry. Mostly recently, they’ve put out two records, including the ‘Lucifier’ LP via Mexican Summer – Kemado’s imprint and mother label of Ford & Lopatin’s Software Recordings – on which features the mesmerising chord-driven, hymn-like Beautiful Son, a song dedicated to their first child. The second record is a follow-up album titled ‘Lucifer In Dub’, which they released after being signed to Domino sub-label Weird World, operated by Jack Shankly.

It’s been a long time since we last caught up with Peaking Lights, so we’ve invited the duo back to do a mix for us, and it features plenty of sumptuous, dub-tinged, psyched-out cuts straight from their vast record collection. It’s a near-two-hour recording saturated with effortlessly cosmic sound, sizzling with electric energy. We also spoke to Aaron and Indra via email to find out more about their new label Two Flowers, as well as their goals and plans for 2013.

Hey Aaron and Indra, it’s been a while since we last caught up, how’s life?

Things have been good! Lots of changes, all positive! Got a new space with a studio which is great – it had been over a year since we had our own space set up! Been non-stop with the creative. Also just started a radio show here in LA at Dublab called The Analogue Players Club. You can tune into it from 12-2pm PST.

We started our own record label called Two Flowers. Our first release is going to be putting ‘936’ back into press. Hoping to have a few things out for that in 2013… and the best of all got another bubba on the way 🙂

Congratulations! Tell us more about this mix, what’s it gonna do to our head?

Get you lit!

Can you highlight a few tracks included and why?

We’re not sure if it’s a few tracks, but this mix is all some serious dubs!

Production wise, is there anything in the works?

Yeah! A lot. Beginnings of new Peaking Lights and solo stuff. I’ve been doing some DJ edits under the title APC. The first series just came out on ‘No’ Label via Rush Hour… Let’s just say our studio has been really busy!

We all know about your love for reggae, dub and psychedelic, how did you get into the genre?

Think it’s just a natural progression to want to expand your mind. Both of us grew up in punk scenes. I think the main thing we pulled from that is the freedom to really explore the world not in some narrow minded way. Dub and psychedelic stuff is an influence for us but not a place to stop being influenced.

What’s the music scene in LA like?

It’s great! I feel like it’s one of the rare places where all the dots are getting connected it seems like there’s a real breakdown of the lines that have so defined subcultures in the past. Not to say that it doesn’t exist because it does with some people, but for the most part there’s an awesome crossover of influence from a broad spectrum of genres, it’s really exciting!

2012 has been pretty hectic for you, right? Where did you enjoy playing most? Any remarkable moments from the tours?

All the European shows were great! Sonar Festival was tops, just really loved Barcelona. We got to stay for a few extra days and hang. Woodsist Festival was really fun! We didn’t get to do a full on tour of the US because Indra got pregnant.

Who do you rate musically at the moment?

Some labels that have been doing amazing stuff right now are ESP institute, Leaving Records, Night-People, Now Again, Emotional Response, No label… As far as artists go, been able to hear some of the newest unreleased Jon Wayne stuff on Stones Throw, it’s great! Just DJ’d a Merchandise show, they were killer! Pharoahs & Land Of Light on ESP, Secret Circuit, Mathew David live is great. Would be stoked to see Melody’s Echo Chamber… Feeling kinda outta touch as per usual!

And finally, what can we expect from Peaking Lights in 2013?

Goin’ Big In 2013!

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