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Dummy Mix 277 // Days Of Being Wild

Franz Kirmann (aka the exotically named Hotel International) and Club Bizarre's Sam Berdah do their own thing but together, they are the shared brain behind label, Days Of Being Wild. Under their howling wolf logo, they make "slightly deranged electronic music", returning on October 2nd with a split 12" called 'From Manilla With Love.' Reflecting two sides of the label, the release ponders a post-punk ethos from Sam, whilst on the flip side Franz makes hay whilst the sun shines with a Hotel International flexed balearic and italo disco tinged sound.

Days Of Being Wild is a long distance professional relationship – with Franz working from London and Sam in France – which makes 'From Manilla With Love' a shining showcase that remote working is the future, baby. The pair worked from parts and jams sent to each other over the internet – WeTransfer, we're guessing – and the end result is a heady combo of the duo's sensibilities and methods, improvised (and ever-modern) ways of working, the use of analog synthesisers and drum machines over computer software for and a natural feel.

Sam Berdah's pieces are the product of late night jams made mainly on hardware machine and a homemade Shruti synth, whilst Franz whips up heavy arpeggiated bass lines, catchy synth melodies and dreamy vocals. Reflecting the 'split-release' nature of 'From Manilla With Love', here's a 'split-mix' that embodies the feel of the EP – hedonistic cosmic disco swirls, honey on the dancefloor, portals to another world and late night songs to drop out to. Listen to the mix and read the catch up with Days Of Being Wild below. Before you know it, you'll be fully immersed.

Hey guys, what's happening? Are you sitting comfortably?

Franz (Hotel International): "I’m actually lying down."
Sam: "I am indeed."

Tell us a little bit more about the mix – were you in any sort of particular mood when you recorded it? Or is it meant for any particular sort of situation or time of day?
Franz: "So we have done one mix each and joined them together. My mix is a warm up for Sam’s!  It’s quite slow and pop orientated I think. There’s a couple of edits I have done and tracks I have been enjoying recently. I wanted to do something you can listen to at home, not necessarily clubby."

Sam: "No particular mood, just recent things I love, from producers and labels that truly are an inspiration. I'd listen to that at anytime, except breakfast maybe."

Do you have any favourite tracks in there?

Franz: "Lie To Me is special to me 'cause I heard it for the first time when I was nine or 10. It was on the first album I have ever bought, Depeche Mode’s 'Some Great Rewards' on cassette. That album shaped my musical taste and sensibility."

Sam: "I'd say Underpass by Jonathan Kusuma. It's just perfect, like pretty much everything he does. It was just released on Paramida's label Love on the Rocks which is definitely worth a look!"

Music aside, what was the last truly amazing thing you ate?

Franz: "I had Nutella on toast this morning, it was the first time in a long time. A special moment."

Sam: "Hmmmm…tough question because I do love food, but I'll go for anything from 'Port Said' in Tel Aviv."

Whats coming up next for you both?

Franz: "We have our split 12” 'From Manilla With Love' coming out in a couple of weeks, which we are super excited about. We’ve only made 100 copies on blue vinyl. And our label Days Of Being Wild is now also a live act. We tried it out 10 days ago at The Victoria in Dalston and it was a real success – everyone was dancing, all seven of them. There’re no computers: it’s all hardware, drum machine, pedals and analog synths. It feels really raw and loud and I really looking forward to develop that and play more gigs in the near future. We also have some new releases lined up on the label for the end of the year and 2016."

Sam: "Like Franz says, we're gonna rule the world with our synths and pedals…probably not! I must admit we are a bit excited with that live thing and would love to play it a lot. On the releases side, we've got a lot to be honest and a list would be boring, but the next one is from Yan Wagner on his 'The Populists' alias, with a great remix courtesy of 'La Decadanse', also EP's from Dawad, Fairmont, MiddleSkyBoom to name a few… loads of good music!"

Days Of `Being Wild's EP 'From Manilla With Love' is out now (buy). 

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