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20.11.2015, Words by dummymag

Dummy Mix 288 // Broshuda

Dummy recently premiered graphic designer by day, producer by night Broshuda's ambient, trippy house cut I Never Had A Sega. Taken from his most recent release, the 10-tracker 'Outlines' EP on Sonic Router, I Never Had A Sega sees wavering pads float over wonky and clanking percussion for a ethereal descent into a more relaxed partition of electronic music. 

Keeping busy after the release, Broshuda has put together an extremely immersive mix for us. Kicking off with Arthur Russells marine-like jam Reach One, and continuing to dip into tracks from the likes of Madlib, Dinosaur Jr and previous Dummy Mix guest Aldous RH – this one is full of tracks from Broshuda's friends and like-minded individuals.

Never owning a Sega didn't hold Broshuda back….we caught up with the Sonic Router producer for a quick chat about his Dummy Mix and what track he'd most likely to listen to on repeat.

Hey Shudaman, how's it going? Good month so far?

Shudaman: "I’ve had quite a lovely month so far… some semi-stressful bits in between but it's all good right now. I’m quite content at the moment, which is a rather rare thing."

Tell us about the mix – was it recorded with any particular mood in mind?

Shudaman: "Well, the mix… um… I guess all of my mixes sort of exist in a similar dimension – mostly bits from friends and likeminded people and some all-time favourites sprinkled in between and some sort of subtle narrative on top. I hope there's some sort of immersive quality to the mixes I make; I’m not too sure if that comes across but that’s what I’m shooting for.

"With this mix there's a bit more layering going on than usual and it´s a bit more noisy and abstract and it features a lot of personal heroes of mine whose work I’ve been enjoying for a quite some time now. The mood is rather schizophrenic, with the more welcoming pieces rubbing against harsher excursions but also allowing some space for a proper mind drift. That might sum up what I’m into in general…"

Are there any exclusives or stand outs for you in there? Like the new B£AMS track?

Shudaman: "Oh yeah, Tony's track It’s Not Easy Leaving is well lovely. I’m also really in love with Giganta´s VS as well, I’m very glad she handed that over. The man Sim Hutchins was also kind enough to send over his album for No Pain In Pop (which I’m sure has been released by now) which is an absolute corker. Its right down my alley, so there was no question I had to put something from it in there. There’s also a track I did with the ever so amazing Joane Skyler, that one’s lifted from a collaborative/split tape which should see a release early next year.

"I could go on I guess, but basically the whole mix is made from personal favourites and these weird little bits I make with my friends on the side – like the jam excerpts with Vuptes and Fratar (with whom I regularly get together with to wonk it out)."

If you had to listen to one track/release in the world on repeat for an afternoon, what would you choose?

Shudaman: "I tend to listen to stuff I really love on repeat every now and then anyways, so lately that's been Tim Hecker´s Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again. I could live with that really well for an afternoon."

Any famous last words or shout outs?

Shudaman: "Last words huh? Wonk down Babylon? Nah. How about get the kids away from the soccer field and on to Fruity Loops’?

"s/o Tony B£AMSY, Birdy Earns, the JFFFT mandem (Fratar, Vuptes, Grebenstein & Quib), Giganta, Sim Hutchins, Joan Skyler, Richie Greenan, Sammy Bristow, The Pride Of Gombe Massive, Oli at Sonic Router and all of my LDN/BLN krü.

"Also, I’m scared to forget anyone, so… shout to you. I hope you know who you are and if we ever shot the shit/hung/nerded out big time – here’s your moment."

'Outlines' is out now on Sonic Router (buy).

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