13.04.2010, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 31 // Walls

WALLS are Alessio Natalizia (Banjo Or Freakout) and Sam Willis (Allez Allez). They signed to Kompakt late last year and have since conjured up a series of stunning remixes for Pantha Du Prince (reviewed here) , Caribou (interviewed here) and The Field (read our guide to him here). With excitment building in the Dummy office about their self-titled debut album due on 26th April, they very kindly made us this beautiful moonshine-evoking mix (download it on the right). Enjoy.

What sort of mix have you made for us?

Originally the idea was to make two different kind of mixes… one more kind of ambient and one more dancey… in the end we did only the ambient one… but we like it!

Please tell us about a couple of the tracks you’ve included and why.

Well, because we like them and listen to them a lot! First song is a beautiful Beach Boys ballad. Lots of people tend to believe the Beach Boys were a bit of a ‘stupid’ band talking about girls and surf and writing little happy songs but that’s totally wrong. They wrote some amazing sad music especially in their 70s period…

How and why did the Walls project come together?

It all started one year ago very slowly. Sam remixed Alessio’s Banjo Or Freakout song Mr No. Alessio really liked it and asked Sam if he’d be up for collaborating with him on some tracks together. We started work, sending loops backwards and forwards, and when we finally met up in Sam’s bedroom studio the ideas turned into full length tracks really quickly. The whole process was so much fun and really easy and natural…

Can you tell us a bit about your first release on Kompakt?

It’s our self titled debut album, 8 tracks, just under 30 minutes. There’s a variety of different vibes on the record, and we tried hard to give it a beginning, middle and end.

How was your first live show at Cargo a few weeks back?

It was good and infact we played a second show there one week after! It’s still early days for our live shows and we’re still focusing on how to make the whole thing sound good. We don’t want to use computers live so we try to do everything with sampler and guitar/voice which can be tricky at times but way more challenging and exciting!

Who’s been getting you excited musically at the moment?

We were saying the other day that we spend so much time working on Walls and our other projects that we don’t listen to other people music which is weird. We’re both really into the new Caribou album and actually remixed one track off that album which we are really excited about…

What are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Berlusconi’s death?

What’s your favourite colour?

Blue and grey.

And lastly, what’s your favourite wall?

Probably the wall from the Krypton Factor assault course that contestants had to climb over.

Walls’ debut album ‘Walls’ is out on Kompakt on April 26th.

Walls’ myspace

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