05.04.2016, Words by dummymag

Dummy Mix 319 // Abyss X

After sharing her video for PAIN with us exclusively back in January, Greek-born and L.A. based multi-tasking performer Abyss X returns with an aggro addition to our mix series.

Entitled S H A M E, the mix features a number of unreleased tracks and collaborations with the likes of XHOSA, Violence, Sky H1, Etevleh, Mya Gomez, Good Safe Person, and Yoshitaka Hikawa, the mix also includes tracks (some unreleased) from her collaborators. S H A M E has become Abyss X's trademark and has manifested itself as a platform for radio shows, events and hopefully, in the future as a label of raw sounding material. Abyss X will be releasing her new album later in the year. 

You may well catch Abyss X in a city near you during the remainder of her EU tour but for now, here's what Abyss X has to say about the mix:

"No Shade. No Shame. No Fucks Given." – Abyss X


Abyss X tour dates:

April 8th – INSECURITY (Paris)
April 22nd – CRY BABY (Leipzig)
April 30th – INTRUDER ALERT (Warsaw)
May 7th – UNITI (London)

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