24.04.2010, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 33 // Egyptian Hip Hop

Manchester’s EGYPTIAN HIP HOP (interviewed here) recently released their superb debut single Wild Human Child, produced by Late Of The Pier’s Samuel Dust. We’re very excited to have them playing our 1st birthday party on Friday 30th April with HUDSON MOHAWKE (he tells us his favourite video game soundtracks here), who they’ve also been working with in the studio. Alexander from the band made us this mini-mix. It’s a high spirited little gem.

So, what kind of mix have you made for us?

Just a bit of everything, mostly stuff from 2008 when I still had the internet on the computer I made the mix on.

Which bands and artists have you included and why?

Plugs, as I messed round with it a bit and it sounded amazing. Jackson and his Computer Band, it’s a really interesting song.

Your debut single took a while to come out. What was behind the delay?

We argued about the colour for the label, then the pattern, and then was too complicated, sorry for the delay, but you could just find it on hype machine.

‘Wild Human Child’ could also be a term for a feral kid. If you could raise any animal as your own, which animal would it be?

A snail as they’re easy riders. Two elephant seals because they have really sick fights. And we’re adopting a crab and a lobster from the Chinese market in Manchester so we can raise them as our own, this is true.

We hear Hudson Mohawke has been producing some of your music. What’s that been like?

Amazing journey of musical collaboration.

You looking forward to playing with him?

Yes because Hudson rocks and we spent some time in the studio with him and it was the anus rock.

You’re also doing a remix swap with Radiant Dragon. What are you doing with his track?

We’ve cut it up loads with scissors then tied it back together with string.

What’s on the cards for the next six months?

Playing like fifteen festivals and going back with Hudson very soon and doing an EP.

What new music are you really into at the moment?

Been listening to old artists who made new albums like Ariel Pink’s ‘Before Today’ and Connon Moccasin’s ‘Please Turn Me Into The Snat’.

What’s your favourite colour and why?

Optimistic white, because it’s optimistic.


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