02.05.2010, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 34 // Konx-Om-Pax

KONX-OM-PAX is Glasgow’s Tom Scholefield, one of the key players in the city’s ever burgeoning electronic music scene and the artist/designer/director behind pal HUDSON MOHAWKE’s (interviewed here last autumn) technicoloured artwork/visuals (see a gallery of Tom’s work). Having worked with everyone from Optimo (review of the last Optimo here) to LuckyMe and Numbers, he’s about to launch his own label and studio called Display Copy. In short, he’s one hyper talented dude. He made us this amazing memory-lane-traversing rave mix, perfect for bank holiday Sunday party vibes. Download it above.

What sort of mix have you made?

A hardcore one! I went down to Manchester a few weeks back to see Autechre play. I stayed with wee Mike from Gescom and spent the day drinking tea, swapping tunes and generally chatting about techno and the mischief we got up when we where little. He told me a funny story about loosing his shoes in a giant puddle. The mix sums up the wicked time I had down there.

Please tell us about a couple of the tracks you’ve included and why.

The first track is the first release on Moving Shadow No Idea. I’ve had great fun playing this at after parties recently when people are a bit worse for wear, it messes with their heads a lot! The last track is by Jeff Mills and reminds me of going to my first techno night at the Arches called Pressure. TAPS AFF, as we say in Glasgow.. haha.

Glasgow seems like the place to be for new music at the moment – does it feel like that?

Yeah kinda… a few folk are slowly moving to london now but there’s shitloads still going on. My mates at Numbers & Luckyme are getting to showcase things on larger stages on an international scale now, which is cool. I’ve been there from the start when everyone was doing parties in basements and tiny pubs to mates, now we’re talking room one at Fabric and the main stage at Sonar! Optimo is coming to an end, which is sad… I am lucky enough to be involved with one of their last events, doing an installation at the Nurse With Wound event in the Tramway.

The last couple of years have seen you focus on your graphic design work for Hudson Mohawke amongst others. Are you making more music these days?

I’ve never really stopped making “music” since I was 15, it just feels right to launch my studio/label now and start putting things out. It’s called Display Copy.

Do you have any releases coming up?

Yup, super limited release of the music I composed for an installation piece I created for Optimo this time last year. It’s pretty hardcore sounding, think Dockstader meets Sleep. Also have a full length album in the works of all my archived sound experiments I’ve collected since I was a teenager.

Who’s been getting you excited music-wise at the moment?

Dan’s (Oneohtrix Point Never) new album coming out on Mego Editions is wicked, really lush and epic sounding. Carlos’ (No-Fun Acid) new live set is wicked, I played a show with him and Dan in London a few weeks ago and was loads of fun! Also Russell Haswell gave me a copy of his new album on No-Fun and its the definition of hardcore acid NOISE.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Eh… releasing music, playing out more… working on film projects. I’ve got a short animation project on the go now, Hudson Mohawke is creating the sound track. It’ll be maximum imagination vibes…

What’s your favourite colour?

Magenta, it gets used in everything I make.

Konx-om-Pax’s Display Copy blog

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