18.08.2010, Words by Aimee Cliff

Dummy Mix 41 // MJ Cole

MJ Cole is one of our favourite artists. A Royal College of Music graduate who has released some of the greatest dance tunes of the last ten years, his intricate, heartwrenching garage productions in the early years of the decade did more to link the abstract, avant garde tendencies of the sound to the exploding mainstream scene than any other artist’s work, and while he never lost his touch with underground British club music, his recent Riddim EP, work with Wiley and work with his own label, Prolific, show a man deeply committed to the search for emotive, smart and brave club music. He plays Fabric this Friday.

How’s it going?
It’s going well, forward and strong.

What do you have coming up?
Have Fabric Room 1 this Friday with Serocee, then V Fest north and south. Loads going on in studio including new track with Wiley and some other goodies which I can’t mention for now…

The ‘Riddim’ EP got an immense reaction. What was the thinking behind that, does it indicate where your sound is going, and do you have any plans for a follow up?
Yep, it represents where I’m at at the moment – music for the club with Dancehall / Funky influences

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve made for us?
It’s on the harder side of things for me. It’s a late prime time sweaty club mix :).

Any tips for new artists?
Send your demos to Prolific Recordings first.

What’s your favourite colour?

MJ Cole plays Fabric in London this Friday.


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