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16.03.2018, Words by dummymag

Dummy Mix 506 // Up High Collective

Together, Oddlaner, Ducap, and Sir-5 make up the Up High Collective, a three-piece cooperative and founders of the independent-record label Tangram Records. With origins in hip-hop and bass-music, Up High Collective whip up an eclectic stir-fry of sophisticated and meticulously constructed sounds located somewhere between future soul and electronica. Over the years, the trio has gained a significant amount of attention and support from a number of heavyweights such as Gilles Peterson, Lefto, Kutmah and Alexander Nut. 

Fast-forward to 2018, they now return with Solitude a mesmerising new album combining instrumental hip-hop and forward-thinking electronica. From razor-sharp pieces including ultra-sparse rhythmic architecture to ethereal ambient compositions, this release homogenises an infinite plethora of textures whilst all working together within the same space.

Listen to their exclusive Dummy Mix below.



Makaya Mccraven – Untitled

Vorace – Untitled

Up High Collective – Fragma Deus

Mophono – Lump Sum Slum Lord

Moodprint – Oasi

Busy – Witch Hunt

Up High Collective – Clustro Phono

Strange U – Part Machine

Illingsworth – Duedads

Up High Collective – Emtio

Ananda Shankar- Monkeys’ Tea Party

Up High Collective – Untitled

Up High Collective – Cv In

Vorace – Untitled

Up High Collective – Syncu 

Pippin – Untitled

Up High Collective – Untitled

Up High Collective – Untitled

Up High Collective – Centipede

Unknown – Untitled

Order Solitude here.

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