15.11.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

Dummy Mix 572 // Clu

"In this piece, 'Always Forever' washes out and takes on its ambient form as it ghosts around the Coil universe..."

Dublin’s Sean Cooley aka Clu has been in the business of manufacturing idiosyncratic sounds for some time. Formerly a duo, the now-solo artist continues to push his brand of emotional production with a fresh approach to contemporary club sounds.

Having previously made outings on Gobstopper, Clu recently stepped out on Murlo’s Coil Records to soundtrack an animated story, released incrementally. Narrated by the label boss’s trademark visuals, it finds a hoodie-clad protagonist starting out on a search for the forger of a mysterious Claddagh ring. Sonically, the accompanying EP (‘Always Forever‘) is all hyper-chromatic synths and moody, Burial-esque percussion.

Clu went above and beyond the traditional remit of the mix to supply an alternate version of his EP, all music and stems from the record but remixed and re-contextualised into a new, freeform piece that works as an accompaniment to ‘Always Forever’. In his own words: “In this piece, ‘Always Forever’ washes out and takes on its ambient form as it ghosts around the Coil universe, the ring forming sounds from before.”

Atmospheric and woozy, with glistening touches of crystalline beauty, you can tune in below.

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

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