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19.08.2020, Words by Felicity Martin

Dummy Mix 596 | Denham Audio

"The mix is a lot of pent-up frustration of missing the clubs and think that translates through!"

Within the current climate of rave revivalism, UK trio Denham Audio are something of a powerhouse. Since meeting at uni (where they lived together on Denham Road), DJ/production triumvirate Jon, Emilio and Peri have pushed their nostalgic-yet-futuristic take on club music. Their catalogue comes stacked with emotional rave bangers (highlights include a ludicrously good edit of Addison Groove’s ‘Footcrab’ from 2016 plus floor-filler ‘Make Me‘, a well-spun collab with Borai) that have landed on the likes of E-Beamz, WNCL Recordings, Lobster Theremin and more. Club Glow is the tape series they run with Borai, LMajor and Mani Festo, although they recently put out the label’s first vinyl release, the latter’s ‘All Night’, and has become a much looked-to collective within the realm of hardcore, jungle, rave and broken-beats.

A helter-skelter of rave weaponry, their Dummy Mix is packed with concrete club goodness, and kicks off with an amusing edit of one of their fellow Club Glow members. “For this mix we thought we’d have some fun with it and decided to approach it as a 100% No Mani Festo Mix (surprisingly harder than you’d think…),” Denham Audio say. “He’s been on a bit of a hot streak at the minute and enough’s enough you know, even got a little dig in the intro track.”

“The mix itself features a bunch of unreleased and forthcoming bits from ourselves and some forthcoming Club Glow tunes too, a bunch of tunes that have been sent to us over the last few weeks or so from some great producers and label friends, such as Kazuho, Bailey Ibbs, Ryan Clover and Joe Koshin,” they add. “The mix is a lot of pent-up frustration of missing the clubs and think that translates through! Hope you all enjoy, see you on the dancefloor soon.”

Denham Audio – Mani Makes The Flyers (Sending for Mani Festo)
Soso Tharpa – Saag (Self Release)
O’Flynn & Ekhe – Mesablanca Dub (Unreleased)
Hooverian Blur – Lock Out (Goddezz)
Bailey Ibbs – S.M.W.Y.D (Self Release)
???? – ???? (Unreleased)
Kazuho – G-Tant (Unreleased)
Ryan Clover – Proper Club Attire (Unreleased)
Radio Slave – Stay Up All Night (Rekids)
Pearson Sound – Alien Mode (Hessle Audio)
Denham Audio – Throw Your Hands Up (Lobster Theremin)
Denham Audio – Lurv Thang (Unreleased)
Hassan Abou – Yeah (Naive)
Al Wootton – Witness (Trule)
Borai – I Need U (Forthcoming Club Glow)
Kazuho – QX Inspiration (Unreleased)
Borai – The Brightest Day (Unreleased)
Joe Koshin – Eugo Dub (Unreleased)
DJ Co.kr – Soundbwoy (ft. Riko Dan) (Denham Audio Remix) (Forthcoming)
Kazuho & Denham Audio – Love Addiction (Forthcoming Lobster Theremin)
Addison Groove – Laguna (Denham Audio Remix) (Unreleased)

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

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