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17.03.2021, Words by Felicity Martin

Dummy Mix 612 | Cowboy Solid

Packed full of rare edits and hi-NRG dance tracks, it's a hedonistic mix from an exciting new project

Cowboy Solid is a very new musical and artistic project, but one that is instantly eye-catching. Born and raised in “grotty Watty (Watford fuckin’ town),” Cowboy Solid has been working as a photographer and photographer’s assistant for four years. You can tell he’s in touch with the visual side of things through his meticulously curated Instagram profile, which is injected with his signature primary colours of red, yellow and blue.

Meanwhile he’s also been producing and DJing in the “bootleg silly hardcore scene” for the last two or three years under a separate alias. He’s also fronted punk bands over the years, and sees the Cowboy Solid project as trying to put everything he’s learnt during this time under one umbrella. He recently put out his first ‘Spring/Summer 2021 mix’ under the moniker, and his debut production emerged not long after as a break-fuelled rework of jpeg.love & Moodrich’s ‘Pleasure Times’.

“Music inspiration for this project is going to try and be a mashed-together mess of Jersey club, ghetto house, Miami bass, baile funk and that ’90s London rave sound,” he explains. “I’ve got loads of stuff half ready but none of it really sounds like each other so I’mma just keep making tunes until I’ve got a group of cohesive ones to release as an EP!”

“Outside of music I’m gonna be bringing my love for old school street racing, fashion, dystopian anime’s and the drag and ballroom scene to the project somehow,” he adds. His Dummy Mix opens on a nod to his “power colours” aesthetic, before running through an unrelenting, crate-dug blend of fiery rap edits, Jersey and footwork. Hit play below.

SicStyle & Qnoe – Gucci Loafer Girl
Foba – Pop Ya
Juice Menace – No Speaking (Tommy Kid UKG Edit)
DJ Lil Man – Pick It Up
Hermeth – Not My Proudest Fap
Fiesta Soundsystem – M4 Energy
LMN3 – Borderline
Kessler – Seventh Heaven
CalvoMusic x eqal – No Strings
GSEPP x Ramen Boy x Petty Penguin x DJ Beast – Ultra Instinct Omega (Petty Penguin x DJ Beast Mashup Edit)
Alex Zander – Spyrmoaniac (Bass Louder)
Skrillex – Kilptown Empyrean (Erotic Cafe Flip)
Knechtjong – Beamerboy
BackRoad Gee – Party Popper (Casement Edit)
Mean-E – Aw Shit
.mezer – Sensual Seduction XXX (Mezer Rejuked)
Laser Coffins – Moon Stone

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

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