17.02.2011, Words by Zara Wladawsky

Dummy Mix 63 // Snoretex

Sam Willis’ work with Walls and Allez Allez have impressed us in the past, and we’re honoured to be hosting the live debut of his new, furiously exciting, soundscape-led project Snoretex. Sam will be appearing with Actress, Lone, Pariah and Becoming Real, next Friday (the 25th February) at the east London spot XOYO. Click through for the facebook page.

Anyway, here’s a mix he compiled for us, full of exclusives, and wrapping from his remix on the new RVNG INTL Synthesist album to unearthed Spiritualized remixes, this is a pretty astounding set of tracks that you need right away, seriously.

Sam will be releasing his first single, Strange Aeons on Buzzin’ Fly in March.

How’s it going?

Great thanks! I’m just working on a new remix for a chap by the name of Evan Voytas – am really pleased with how it’s going!

Can you please tell us a bit about the mix?

I started the Snoretex project coming off the back of the Walls album, because I was so creatively amped up from the whole experience on making a record, releasing it, touring it.. It really gave me a renewed appetite to want to get right back into making music… I felt like doing something a bit different to the stuff that I’d been doing w/ Steve as Allez-Allez, so it kind of started off initially in a more ambient direction, but since I wrote those first few tracks, I’ve gotten more and more entranced by the idea of working with the classic sounds of Chicago and Detroit, but integrating some more kind of cosmic sounds into it, as opposed to the traditional jazz / soul / disco elements that are classically associated with it. The mix kind of represents that, in that it’s book ended by more freaked out, trancey stuff, but the main meat is much more of the jacking variety – there’s a couple of new bits from me in there too – one is my remix off the recent RVNG Harold Grosskopf reissue, a new track called ‘Winterval’ and also a remix I did for my brother’s group Loose Fit (http://soundcloud.com/loosefit ) who are well worth checking out…

What are you up to over the next few months?

Working on more Snoretex music, developing the live show, remixing stuff, plus of course playing some Walls shows and finishing off our second album for Kompakt..

Can you please describe the Snoretex live experience? What can we expect at the Dummy party?

I want to strike a balance between the more cosmic stuff, and the dancier side of things.. playing solo really allows you to totally loose yourself in the performance – I use a lot of hardware for the live show, samplers / delay pedals / synths – and it really allows you to get stuck into the sound and freak stuff out in a very spontaneous way- the problem in my mind w/ laptop performances is that for the most part it has to be premeditated, even with the most up to date controllers you have to pre-map your controls in a very thought out way.. on my sampler, if I suddenly decide in the heat of the moment that I want to pitch up the kick drum by an octave, it’s only a knob twist away, rather than a mouse throw then click… anyway, I guess this means that hopefully people should expect some surprises and maybe a few mistakes! I’d much prefer it that way, rather than having things perfect…

Of all the other artists playing at the Dummy party, who are you most excited about seeing?

The whole line up is really strong, but I guess most probably Actress, as I’ve only seen him DJ before, which i really enjoyed.. he actually played after us (Walls) at the Nail The Cross festival, and his first tune was this incredible bootleg (or very very good mix!) of Suicide which I’ll have to ask him about on the night..

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