19.05.2011, Words by Zara Wladawsky

Dummy Mix 73 // Chrissy Murderbot

Chrissy Murderbot cannot be accused of laziness. For starters, he runs three different labels: Sleazetone Records, Dead Homies Recordings, and newbie label Loose Squares. Loose Squares specialises in the juke/footwork sound of his hometown Chicago, and its musical influence can definitely be heard across Chrissy’s music.

His remix roster includes the likes of Delorean, Lemonade, Warrior Queen, and many others. His own productions have done well and he just released his third full length album on Planet Mu earlier this month. Chrissy also runs a monthly Loose Squares party back in Chicago, and if that’s still not enough, dude was releasing a mixtape a week for most of last year on his blog. Glancing at his schedule, he’s out on tour right now and even playing here in NYC tonight (so going!) Catch some of his contagious energy on the fast-paced party mix he did for us this week.

How’s it going?

Going well! Just finished the last gig of my European tour, about to head off to New York for some US gigs.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix?

It’s an assortment of all the brand-new tunes that have caught my ear recently. I like to really vary my DJ sets, so it’s got a nice variety of styles in it.

What’s coming up for you over the next few months?

As I said I just wrapped up this European tour, next up is the US, then back home to Chicago. Playing Pitchfork Music Festival in July, so I’m excited about that. Gonna keep pushing this Planet Mu album, ramp up the labels I’m running (Sleazetone & Loose Squares), got an EP coming out in late Summer, and I’ve been doing a LOT of remix work.

How do you think your album on Planet Mu is different or a progression from your previous music?

It’s more diverse stylistically, while also being a little more tied-together as a whole concept. It’s more well-rounded, better produced. I’m really proud of it. At the end of the day it’s all fun, uptempo party music, so there’s a definite continuity to it.

Favourite thing(s) about Chicago in May?

Haha ACTUALLY I’ve spent May 2011 and May 2010 outside of Chicago for touring reasons, so the last time I even got to experience Chicago in May was 2009. But I remember it being very pretty!

Planet Mu released Chrissy Murderbot’s’ LP ‘Women’s Studies’ on the 9th May 2011


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