16.06.2011, Words by Aimee Cliff

Dummy Mix 76 // Horse Meat Disco

Anyone who has spent a Sunday in the company of the Horse Meat Disco DJ collective knows how well they can throw a party, justifying showing up at work on Monday feeling quite tender. James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Severino and Filthy Luka have been DJing together and throwing their infamous soirées for over seven years now. Their parties were inspired by the NYC disco scene in the 1970s and 1980s, and both the music and the costumed glitzy crowds reflect this. The guys keep on going from strength to strngeth, whether it be at their weekly Sunday base, The Eagle in London’s Vauxhall, their other residencies at Lisbon’s Lux Club and Berlin’s Tape Club, their yearly festival appearances at Glastonbury and Lovebox, or their busy touring schedule around the world. We are happy to present an exclusive mix from the guys, just ahead of their third mix album on Strut, and we’re hoping it helps bring summer back out (or serves as a spicy soundtrack for those of us lucky enough to be in sunnier climates this weekend.) Enjoy!

Please tell us a bit about your new compilation album

Well its the 3rd one we have done for strut and this time we’ve approached it from a slightly different angle. 2 mixes. One Uptempo featuring more re-edits and new music and the 2nd one more on a ‘sleaze’ tip. slower and groovier. The kind of music for 8am after a night of dancing to faster jams.

Best outfit/getup you’ve ever seen at a Horse Meat Disco? For that matter … any Horse Meat party (or top few) that you could choose a favourite?

There are so many faces and over the last 8 years some outlandish attire. Whether it be a normal night or one of the amazing vogue balls we’ve thrown there are too numerous looks to mention, but we do love Ernesto (our naked guy) and of course all the East End trannies. They add an element of glamour to proceedings.

Favourite summertime record(s)?

Sun Sun Sun by Jakki is a good one, but being English and not being blessed with the best summer weather sometimes tracks like ‘I Can’t Stand Rhe Rain’ by Erruption and ‘Standing In The Rain’ by Don Ray are quite fitting. If the weather is good then i do really love a version of ‘Age Of Aquarius/Let The Sunshine’ from Hair although its not clear from the album who actually sings it.

What are you up to in the next few months?

Well it’s festival season so lots of festivals. Glastonbury is the first one where we’re part of the NYC Downlow: an amazing club tent that loks more like a film set than any normal festival tent. Beautifully built to look like a bombed out New York tenament block from 1978 and populated with trannies, pimps and all manner of nightlife scum. We’ve done it for the last 5 years and its an amazing thing to be part of. We’ll also be bringing it to Lovebox and making other festival appearances around the world! Stateside we’ll be at Pride in San Francisco and if that wasn’t accolade enough we’ll be making our debut in Fire Island, a gay mecca for disco lovers since the 70s, so we’re very honoured to be invited to play the Pines Party. Aside from all the travelling we’re currently working in the studio on some original music that we are very excited about. So it’s full steam ahead in the coming months.

Strut release ‘Horse Meat Disco III’ on the 4th July 2011


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