01.09.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 89 // Dana Ruh

Berlin-based producer/DJ Dana Ruh

How’s it going?

Thanks, I’m fine. Quite busy at the moment in the studio 🙂

Can you tell us a bit about the mix?

Well, I accidentally ended up doing the mix in ibiza. In between my two gigs there I had some free time and met a friend who owns a small bar that had the right equipment, so I did it there. We had a gorgeous evening!

I chose some of my all-time faves that I put in the mix. I like to spin cool tracks that are “timeless” in a way, and that are so good that you can hear them on and on. But there are also new tracks that fit in to create a perfect mixture.

You started out playing rock music in bands. What brought towards electronic music, DJ-ing and eventually techno?

I have been always interested in music. My mother showed me a lot of music when I was a kid and that was more rock and pop. I discovered a lot of different styles – the first record I bought was by ABBA 🙂 – and tried to find a way to make music myself. In my hometown there was a small music scene with several bands. That led me to perform in rock and pop music. But I was always curious to discover more and I really like to experiment. The parties I went to played house and techno, so I really wanted to learn how to make it. I found DJ-ing a perfect way for me to perform, and at home I took the first steps to producing. In my day job I was surrounded by technology, and I developed my home-studio steadily. What do I like about techno especially? It’s the way the music can be hypnotic and you can totally lose yourself in it, while at the same time it is very powerful and emotional.

What are your three favourite things about Berlin in the summer?

Unfortunately this year we don’t have really summer here 🙁
If there is summer: – Swimming in the many seas around here. – The pizza at Club der Visionäre. – My balcony 🙂

What’s coming up for you over the next few months?

There will be releases with AndrĂ© Galluzzi on ARAS, as well as a solo EP on BROUQADE, and a lot of other productions. I’m also preparing a live-set to hit the clubs in winter. And of course I will play more DJ gigs.

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