20.02.2013, Words by dummymag

Everyone - CRWDSPCR Mixtape #1

It seems that Joakim and Kindness are taking their new collaboration pretty seriously. It’d be easy to presume that the great No Time To Waste was a one-off single, but they quickly followed this up by announcing a world tour, and they’ve now released a fresh mix. CRWDSPCR MIXTAPE #1 is, presumably, the first mix for Joakim’s new label Crowdspacer, and features a wide array of tracks from all genres that befits the dreaded word “eclectic”. House jams sit alongside hi-NRG, eccentric funk rubs shoulders with Night Slugs, and even Destiny’s bloody Child pop up at one point. It’s all good, good fun, and if the shows on their world tour are anything like this then it’ll be a really special party.

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