07.02.2011, Words by Zara Wladawsky

February Dispatch \ Feeding Time mix

These monthly mixes are definitely going to serve as a personal marker, reminding me of all the things that I have neglected to achieve between the new moons. Finishing a track I started mid last year, finalising the copy for the imminent Feeding Time video website, visiting the underground bunker that may be ideal for sonic-freak-out’s, getting that new project off the ground with Radiant Dragon… the list continues.

But I feel no fear, tremendous music, old and new has been soothing my rushed feet and my oyster poisoned stomach in the first few days of this here shortest month of the year. Thoughts are turned to the amazing series of Feeding Time shows I will soon be able to announce and the smell of seared cow and cold Mexican beer in Texas next month.

Amongst awesome new pop tunes from Airbird and Dungen I have dropped in some old forgotten niceties from a particularly gothic-prog-kraut-tinged section of my record collection, Gong’s ten minute long (short for them) A Sprinkling Of Clouds sliced down to the bit that sounds like The Orb. Short-lived Bauhaus synthy side-project Tones On Tail’s accidental club-banger Performance. New Captured Tracks signing The Soft Moon, who sound like they could have played at the Batcave with Sex Gang Children in ’84. Anyway give it a play and waste your month away!


Gong – A Sprinkling Of Clouds
Airbird – Part Of The Game
Tones On Tail – Performance
Harmonia – Veterano
Lucy & Ethal – Audio Letters From Europe
Dungen – Marken Låg Stilla
▽nkown ShΔpes – The World Keeps Turning
Mike Slott – 40 Winx
Mogwai – Mexican Grand Prix
Precious Trace – Blackbeard (Pirate Skit)
The Soft Moon – Tiny Spiders
Dead Can Dance – The Arcane

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