18.01.2011, Words by Zara Wladawsky

First Dispatch \ Feeding Time mix

Yesterday, the Dispatches series kicked off with Off Modern. It’s basically a cross between a radio show and a magazine column, whereby a great music firm contribute a monthly mix of new music, accompanied by a few hundred words on their month. These will be rolling out on a regular from next week, but every day this one, each columnist is introducing themselves and their taste. Yesterday it was Off Modern, tomorrow will be Don’t Die Wondering and Lightworks will be bringing up the rear, but today it’s the turn of London-based promoters and videomakers Feeding Time to explain a bit about from where they came.

South and East London-based company Feeding Time have been promoting nights around the world for two and a half years. Their first gig was with the Big Pink, their last was Salem. Soon they’ll be launching a music video website, which is exciting news.

Here is the first mix from my monthly Dummy mix campaign, well, more of a collection of sounds and tracks that I have come to share my month with. The track titles fused together on this first edition suggest a pretty gloomy, depressing and paranoid time – Walking in the Rain, I’m Going Mad, Oh How I Miss You, Can’t Get Used To Those, Moving Apart – which I guess is halfway truthful in these lonely, vicious winter months, although I hope you will agree a pretty optimistic listen in the end, so you don’t need to worry about me. Also as a side note, first track is by Australian New Wave band Flash & The Pan fronted by George Young who is Angus and Malcolm Young from AC/DC’s older brother, which I found quite baffling.

Here you can hear some of the influences on a new music project Mr Karl Saddler and myself are working on and about to drop, also on my Precious Trace DJ sets and a little bit on the bookings for next years Feeding Time events. Yes you heard it here first – we will be putting on Scorpions with support from the Cheese Band in a East London hipster-hang-out. Keep your eyes on feeding-time.com for more news on that, and, more seriously, on the Glasser and Teengirl Fantasy exclusive sessions when we launch next month.

Toodle pip!


Flash & the Pan – Walking in The Rain
The West Coast Pop Experimental Band – I Wont Hurt You (Precious Trace Edit)
Mark McGuire – Moving Apart
Mark E – Plastic People (Medit)
Scorpions – I’m Going Mad
Broadcast – Oh How I miss You (Precious Trace Edit)
Cheese Band – I Like Cheese
Dimlite – Cant Get Used to Those
Dan Fioretti – Be My Loud Valentine
Snoretex – Strange Aeons
Gonjasufi – Sheep
Oliva Tremor Control – Hideway
Brassica – New Jam City
Hikashu – Ryuinji

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