Ag cook lucky me mix
07.03.2014, Words by dummymag

Hear A. G. Cook in the mix on the LuckyMe Rinse show

Few DJs are offering up the kind of unpredictable, exhausting, joyful, madcap mixes that PC Music honcho A. G. Cook is crafting right now, and this week he joined Joseph Marinetti and The Blessings on the LuckyMe Rinse show for a PC Music guest mix. It starts out with a chipmunked re-edit of Drake, through a stop-start, piano-box version of Dilemmato a track called Boxercise, about a boxing ring, which is all kinds of addictive. 

If you're lucky enough to be in Austin this month, Warp and LuckyMe are hosting a mad-good SXSW showcase this Wednesday at the Empire Control Room & Garage. Described on air by Joseph Marinetti "as like all your top MySpace friends", A. G. Cook will join the likes of Kelela, Future Brown, Sophie, DJ Rashad and many more on a downright exhausting roster. Stream the Rinse show in full below, and join the PC Music mania at 34.20. PC Music also tweeted a partial tracklist for the mix earlier, too. 

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