20.04.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Julio Bashmore - In New DJs We Trust

After the announcement of a new four DJ line-up for the BBC Radio 1’s In New DJs We Trust, we were eagerly awaiting the first spins of the carousel. Following a special show featuring the fantastic four and Mosca’s show last week, Julio Bashmore stepped up for his opening hour. Bashmore’s difficult to classify, but his buoyant riddims have been swerving dancefloors since his first EPs at the start of the decade and he’s most recently been working behind the scenes of Jessie Ware’s sparkling pop ascension.

The wavy selection is bedded in house but is unafraid to branch out and venture into footwork, funk and old Zomby creepers. It’s also important to keep an ear out for a very exciting and exclusive play of Ensemble, the first track on Girl Unit’s upcoming EP ‘Club Rez’.

Julio Bashmore’s In New DJs We Trust show is available to stream for the next 6 days on the BBC Radio 1 site.

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