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Listen: No Pain In Pop Takeover on Radar Radio, January 2016

Following our announcement that No Pain In Pop will be our next guests at Dummy Presents, we got our hands on the stream of the South East London based label's takeover of Radar Radio from last Sunday, January 24th.

Coming in at an epic six hours in duration, the line-up is far from shabby, featuring an array of NPIP all-star guests.

Dummy readers should be well aware of Throwing Shade and Sim Hutchins by now but joining them were Liverpool's very own Kepla who was joined by Ling (who has just released his ' ' EP on PAN/Codes) and emerging producer Zurkas Tepla from Moscow. Jire was also on hand, warming up with both a DJ set and mix of his original productions ahead of his No Pain In Pop release 'Zang', which is expected to drop this Friday, January 29th on the label

You can catch Throwing Shade, Sim Hutchins, Jire, Oleka and the No Pain In Pop DJs perform for us on February 11th at Miranda, Ace Hotel London. More info on that here.

No Pain In Pop takeover on Radar Radio – Sunday January 24th 24, 2016 timings below:
00:00-00:18 No Pain In Pop / DJ
00:18-00:37 Jire / original production mix
00:37-01:00 No Pain In Pop / DJ
01:00-01:57 Throwing Shade / original production mix
01:50-02:12 Sim Hutchins / DJ
02:12-02:42 Kepla & Ling ‘Unsympathetic Psychologist’ mix
02:42-03:00 Sim Hutchins / DJ
03:00-03:49 Zurkas Tepla / original production mix 
03:49-04:14 No Pain In Pop / DJ
04:14-04:57 Jire / DJ
04:57-06:00 Sim Hutchins / live set 

Dummy Presents: No Pain In Pop with Throwing Shade, Sim Hutchins, Jire, Oleka and No Pain In Pop DJs on February 11th at Miranda, Ace Hotel London (free with RSVP).

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