15.03.2011, Words by Zara Wladawsky

March Dispatch \ Lightworks mix

The Lightworks Dispatch is a solo affair this month, as Jon has run off to Sri Lanka. I’m not sure when he’ll be back, but he did get in touch simply to say that he’s seen a leopard, so great news all round.

Anyway, on to the music, and, after the annual lull of Jan and Feb, things have picked up massively release-wise in the last couple of weeks.

Nicolas Jaar released his debut album, which is remarkably mature given his age and makes his London show next month – complete with live band – essential. Hype Williams have also just released another album on Hippos in Tanks and play a rare London show at our favourite club, Plastic People on the 23rd of this month. [Read our review of Hype Williams’ ‘One Nation’]

Perhaps the most anticipated album release for me though was Virgo Four’s ‘Resurrection’. Following the reissue album last year Rush Hour have somehow managed to find a load more unreleased tracks from the Chicago outfit and they finally get to see the light of day this month. I’ve chosen Boing here it’s an amazing collection all-round, and worth buying the vinyl boxset for (which has a full 15 more tracks than the CD). Speaking of vinyl, Omar S released the vinyl only Here’s Your Trance Now Dance and although it might seem less than frugal to part with nearly a tenner for a one sided 12, in this case it’s well worth it.

Perhaps the biggest news for us in march though is the debut release on our Lightworks label, Ossie’s Tarantula. Last month we gave you the original track and, as promised, we’ve included Funkineven’s tough, acid rework here. The record and digital are out now from Bleep and to celebrate we’ll be throwing a party at the end of the month at The Star in Bethnal Green, with Funkineven guesting. All the info is here, hope to see you down there.


Nicolas Jaar Colomb
Actress Gershwin
Omar S Here’s Your Trance Now Dance
Maurice Donovan Babeh
Virgo Four Boing
[Unknown] Sicko Cell
Om Unit The Timps
Ossie Tarantula (Funkineven Remix)
Hype Williams Businessline
Fatima and Floating Points Red Light

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