12.04.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

Martelo's 'Neptunes Special' Show

Despite his ever-youthful visage, Pharrell Williams celebrated his 40th birthday last week, and he’s spent over half of those years making music with childhood friend Chad Hugo as The Neptunes. The duo started out with Teddy Riley in the heady days of new jack swing, but it was N.O.R.E’s Superthug that really defined their futuristic hard-edged, bottom-heavy sound and made them the producers for a huge range of rappers and pop stars from the late 90s to their height in the 00s through to today. Clipse, Kelis, Jay, Bey, Justin, Britney, Gwen Stefani, Shake Ya Ass – you can’t properly think of contemporary popular music without the duo. NTS Radio’s Martelo toasted them with an amazing two hour special on his show this week, with a second part expected next. Stream and download the show here.

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