Maxmillion Dunbar
19.11.2013, Words by dummymag

Maxmillion Dunbar - 'Woo Daps Mixtape'

First released back in February, Maxmillion Dunbar's 'House of Woo' was one of 2013's first truly great albums. With it coming up to end of year season, RVNG Intl. have taken it upon themselves to jog the memory of anybody that might have forgotten about this record with the 'Woo Daps Mixtape', a collection of edits, remixes, new versions, and unreleased tracks which were either culled from the 'House of Woo' sessions or revisited later.

The mixtape includes a few different versions of album tracks like Slave To The Vibe and Inca Tags, untitled new'uns, a remix by relative newcomer Ttam Renat, and live collaborations with cult NYC trombonist Peter Zummo, Peaking Lights' Aaron Coyes, Future Times friends Protect-U and Software's Co La. It's all quite sick to be honest, and you can download it for any price you like.


01. Coins For The Canopy (Dolo Constellation Dub) + Kangaroo brass
02. For Mozy (OG Ambience) + spare drums 
03. For Mozy (Original Electro version) 
04. Inca Tags (Trumpet Sludge) + spare drums 
05. Inca Tags (Remix feat. Peter Zummo, Co La, Sami Yenigun) 
06. Calvin & Hobbes (ECM Mix) 
07. Loving The Drift (Ttam Renat Remix) 
08. Untitled I 
09. Slave To The Vibe (Cathedral 808 Mix) + drum work 
10. Untitled II 
11. Kangaroo (Live Jam Mix w/ Protect-U, and Aaron Coyes from Peaking Lights) 
12. Untitled III

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