15.03.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

Mr. Mitch's Boxed Promo Mix

No bars, just beats. That’s the way the organisers of Boxed subtitle their event and that’s exactly what it is: a stripping-back of all the distracting ego trips and politics and a distillation of grime to it’s most elemental and often radical forms. Producers Slackk, Mr. Mitch, Logos and the label Oil Gang have all been doing this in their own, occasionally overlapping ways for years now, but they’ve all properly grouped together for this new night. They’ll be joined by Tom Lea of Local Action Records and the mysterious new collaborative duo Claves on the bill for the inaugural event on Friday the 23rd of March at the Peckham Palais (full details here). Expect to hear new music from some of the genre’s brightest talents – like Samename, Bloom and Notion – who are pushing the genre into ever more daring and acute angles today. Have a listen to to the taster mix Mr. Mitch made for us below.


Rabit – Wolf Spider
Mumdance & Logos – Drum Boss
Mr K-Ro – Towerblock 18
Deeco – Alien Phonecall
Mr. Mitch – On the Blob
Mr K-Ro – Snow Showers
Noipre – Yellow Keys
Trends – Mirrors
Mr. Mitch – 10 Man
Notion – Grinder
Mr K-Ro – Prevail
Slackk – Empty Bottles

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