05.04.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

No hats, no hoods: two UK garage mixes from Special Request

It’s been a couple of years now that the UKG sound has been getting fresh appreciation, coming both from those who grew up with its bubbling basslines and those who are new to its irresistible charms. But in the last month two separate projects – weirdly, both called Special Request – have popped up, both locked in on the original spirit of garage.

Anyhow this Special Request started with a closed group on Facebook where a small group of heads got together to enthusiastically share vids and reminisce.. putting the night on was the logical next step. This Thursday, then, will see the first Special Request night take place at the Question Mark Bar in Stoke Newington. DJS will be Capracara (Unknown to the Unknown/DFA), Charlie Bennet (To The Bone) and Hypercook, alongside residents Semtek (Don’t Be Afraid) & TK (Lostbahnhof).

Two great mixes from Capracara and TK can be found below, covering everything from the Banji Boys to DJ Sneak, Wookie, Deadboy and Mike Q.

No hats, no hoods, obviously. More information at the Special Request Facebook event page.

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