09.10.2012, Words by dummymag

Physical Therapy Mix for Dazed Digital

Armed with tunes he’s crafted, remixes of his own songs from other artists, and remixes of the Backstreet Boys and Shakira (you read both of those correctly), it’s quite clear that Physical Therapy certainly doesn’t feel the need to limit the musical avenues he wants to explore when dishing out a mix. The boundless nature of his style is emphasised by the self-description on his SoundCloud, which states that Physical Therapy is ‘[the] future face of 3-step, dream house and drum n’ space’, all three of which do rather suggest inventive, cosmic progression that knows no bounds.

When we say there’s a little bit of everything in here, we mean it. Ranging from hip hop to garage to pop to drum ‘n’ bass and back again, it’s the audio equivalent of a DJ reaching an eclectic nirvana, an attempt to see how seamless one can make the transition from one genre to the next become. The mix is indeed propelled forward by as many fast-paced, junglist rhythms as it can muster (and indeed fit in), but there are some classic takes on here: the inclusion of Nu:Tone’s rework of The Future Sound of London’s Papua New Guinea was a personal highlight, if only for the dance music educational aspect alone.

Experience this multitude of different moods here.

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