09.08.2011, Words by Zara Wladawsky


RADFEST, cool London rock & roll promotors Sexbeat’s annual London mini-music-fest, is about to turn three. The event will be held in Peckham’s Bussey Building on August 21st and boasts two floors of music, popup record shops and fanzine displays from Kristina Records and the Tate Modern featured ‘Zine Swap. The first 100 people in will receive a cassette tape mix of artists from The Wedding Present to SCUM. If rising early on a Sunday isn’t your thing, you can stream the mix below as well. Rad.

RADTAPE III by sexbeat


1. The Wedding Present – Whole Wide World
2. SCUMFountains
3. Shimmering Stars – Sun’s Going Down
4. The History Of Apple Pie – You’re So Cool
5. Mazes – Summer Hits
6. Gross Magic – Yesterdays
7. Deceptor – Soothsayer
8. Mob Rules – Sleep

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