New Music
04.04.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

Aidonia - Pon Di Cocky (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

Dubbel Dutch is from Texas and lives in Brooklyn, but has spent his career skipping around geographical and genre boundaries with releases like the lively house ‘Throwback EP’ on Palm Out Sounds and the “wot u call it?” B Leave on Unknown to the Unknown. His latest ‘Self Help Riddims EP’ on Mixpak sees him move decidedly into dancehall – albeit a kind marked by the clear and hollow tones that are an increasing, if unofficial, feature of New York’s internet-bred avant-garde – and the last two tracks on his Soundcloud remix local hits. He’s blended Leftside’s Bubble 4 Me with New Orlean’s Bounce and most recently re-made Aidonia and Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor’s Pon Di Cocky from late 2012 as a rave smash. Aidonia’s vocals are transformed into manic dancefloor commands and, though some lines are sacrificed as a result, you don’t need to be told what this one’s about.

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