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07.06.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Balam Acab – Oh, Why [MP3]

Balam Acab’s ‘See Birds’ EP on Tri Angle was one of the best of last year, and today, his label have announced that a full-length album will be released in August. Oh, Why is the first track off ‘Wander / Wonder’ put out in to the world, and you can download it above. Mixed by Sam from Blondes, it’s stately, forgiving, shimmering, priceless, and has that most peculiar quality of never sounding the same twice, as though it’s something of you, slowly building. What else? It sounds assertive and merciful, and it sound like everything’s going to be OK, and the world is really interesting.

Buy ‘See Birds’ EP by Balam Acab

Tri Angle will release Balam Acab’s album ‘Wander / Wonder’ on the 28th August 2011

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