New Music
22.03.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Becoming Real - Snow Drift Love

London’s Toby Ridler aka Becoming Real has been swirling round the edges of the city’s electronic music scene for the last couple of years, soaking up sine waves from all corners. Grime, house, garage, dubstep, you name it, all have found their way in some form or other into his compellingly meandering productions. This new track, taken from his forthcoming mini-album ‘Solar Dreams / Neon Decay’ and downloadable below, finds him in warm, bubbly garage mode and tastes tantalisingly of spring.

Plus here’s a little teaser video in which Toby looks a little menacing but in a really tender way. Tenderly menacing, if you will.

Not Even will release Becoming Real’s mini-album ‘Solar Dreams / Neon Decay’ in May 2012

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