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22.11.2012, Words by dummymag

Black Atlass - Castles (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Almost as soon as trap appeared, there came a backlash. There may be a bazillion bad trap bootlegs on Soundcloud, but is the trap bootleg not simply the 2012 version of whatever other ‘anyone can do it’ musical style that has been in vogue the past few years? Mashups, blog haus remixes, disco re-edits, R&B refixes – it’s all the same, essentially. I don’t really have any problem with trap, even if some others do, because for all the dirge there is out there, there’s always a fantastic musician like Ryan Hemsworth that would not be receiving the sort of attention that he currently is if it weren’t for the rise in the genre’s popularity.

Today, Hemsworth has gifted the world with a remix of Black Atlass’ Castles, a moody take built on bouncing 808s and yes, at times, rolling hi-hat triplets. It’s anything but obvious, though, and is further evidence that Hemsworth is worthy of everyone’s attention as we approach 2013.

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