New Music
19.02.2013, Words by dummymag

BLLUDD RELATIONS - Blludd Manifesto

In December, Bullion teased us with 2013 plans for his recently formed DEEK label with the ‘Short Attention Spam Volume 1’ mix. Early on in the mix was Even Steven – a wonky, childlike groove from BLLUDD RELATIONS, a new project comprising Bullion and Jesse Hackett, a keyboardist who’s previously put out material as Elmore Judd for Honest Jon’s.

With an album slated for this year, here’s Blludd Manifesto, a kerfuffle of abstract soul and scattered funk stabs. Whether Blludd Manifesto is intended to read like some kind of mission statement for the duo is unclear – but what’s been shared so far suggests they should make for an intriguingly wayward counterpoint to the sax-loving pop of Bullion’s other DEEK project, Nautic.

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