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21.07.2011, Words by dummymag

Brenmar - Waiting On [stream]

Chicago-born, NYC-residing producer Brenmar has a new MP3 to offer. Taking It Down came as a bomb a while back and this time, his new Southern hip hop track Waiting On stirs things up with its cycling synths and looping vocal. It’s also the first track that kicks off Enchufada’s ‘Hard Ass Session Vol. VI’, on which features London duo Kry Wolf, Venezuelan Cardopusher and Munich’s Schlachthofbronx.

In making Waiting On, Brenmar explains, “The 140 bpm was the first thing that I put down. Most Kuduro is that tempo, so that was a given. A lot of Southern hip hop is also 140 bpm which is where the vocal hook is from. The arp synths are very house, which help balance the more aggressive elements, and I thought it would be fun to play with a cheekier timbre since most Kuduro is very atonal.”

Stream Brenmar’s new track on the right, whatcha waiting on?

Details of Enchufada’s ‘Hard Ass Session Vol. VI’ TBA

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