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15.01.2021, Words by Billy Ward

Chloe Kay's electro-pop 'Fiction' is about late night texts from an ex

The singer-songwriter is a new addition to our DMY Artists family

Blending electro synths with rich vocal harmonies, London’s Chloe Kay shares her latest single ‘Fiction’.

The track reflects on receiving a late night text from an ex and the internal struggle which manifests as a result.

“Sometimes a relationship can be like a bad novel that you know is going nowhere, but you keep reading anyway hoping maybe it’ll get better,” Chloe Kay explains.

Collaborating with producer Mike Schlosser, ‘Fiction’ draws on avant-garde pop influences to create a lively and emotive representation of the times we get caught with our guards down.

We’re happy to be working with Chloe Kay as part of our DMY Artists.

Stream ‘Fiction’:

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