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31.07.2013, Words by Sandra Song

Chlöe Howl - No Strings (Brolin remix)

Mellow and a tad melancholic, Brolin's remix of up-and-coming popstar Chlöe Howl's sassy single No Strings is an downtempo take on the anthem-esque original. Brolin smooths out the spirited song with a chilled-out kick track and oscillating bass lines, which are complemented by the occasional appearance of Howl's catchy jagged synth line that keep it from feeling too lounge-y. However, her endearingly candid lyrics are a casualty of the remix, as the blunt brush-off of disco-dancing boys and their anti-attachment agendas is reduced to wistful repetition of lines like "say hello/you don't even know." Then again, a sense of longing does suit the mood of Brolin's mix, so perhaps a little less spunk is necessary. Either way, it's a welcome wind-down track, so we're not exactly complaining.

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