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19.11.2021, Words by Billy Ward

Clarence & The Modern Life sets the pace with celestial debut single 'Modern Life'

Flickering between end-of-times nihilism and reach for the stars optimism...

Providing the perfect bop for a Friday afternoon, Clarence & The Modern Life lands with his intergalactic debut single, ‘Modern Life’.

The London-born artist, real name Louis Matlock, grew up on the sounds of The Clash, Gorillaz and David Bowie, with the rebellious attitude of the 70s punk movement playing an influential role on the rising artist’s view of the world today. The mysterious figure is on a mission to make music for those who are tired of the modern age and all the anxieties and issues that arise from it, blending old school angst with modern forms of production to create something in a lane of its own.

Flickering between end-of-times nihilism and reach for the stars optimism, Matlock’s debut offering peruses catchy pop melodies, razor-sharp lyrical delivery and a romance for raw, unadulterated songwriting. Elements of post-punk, hip hop and experimental pop splice together to form a star-gazing, dystopian sound that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Kurt Vonnegut novel.

A set of visuals for ‘Modern Life’ is expected to release soon but for now there’s a lyric video available here.

Stream ‘Modern Life’ below or listen with your preferred player here.

‘Modern Life’ by Clarence & The Modern Life is out now on and nothing hurts records via DMY.

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